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Sell your vehicle quickly in an online auction to local dealers
for an average of 20% more than trade-in. It’s free for sellers with zero-risk.

Find out how much you could get
Find out how much you could get

GroovyCar Puts You Back in the Driver's Seat

More Money

Get the best price around (20% higher on average) when local dealers compete for your car!

Less Time

List your car in minutes on the app or desktop and receive a competitive offer in about 24 hours.

Less Headache

No meeting with strangers, haggling on price, or worrying about when or if you'll get paid.


Sell with confidence knowing that our team personally vets every dealer who joins the platform.

Top 5 FAQs

GroovyCar is an online, auction-style platform where you can sell your car quickly, easily, and safely to local dealers for an average of 20% more than trade-in value (which could mean an extra $4,000 in your pocket). We’re changing the way used cars are bought and sold to make the journey better for everyone.

For Sellers: Don’t worry, it’s easy! To get started, all you need to do is create an account on the GroovyCar app (recommended!) or website. Then, you’ll be able to go straight to listing your car, which should take 10 minutes or less. You’ll answer basic questions about your vehicle, assess its condition, and snap some quick pics (yes, your phone works fine). Then, your car can be listed “for sale” in a GroovyCar auction as soon as the next business day. Local dealerships will then begin bidding to win your car. All auctions run from 9AM-5PM EST Monday-Friday. After your auction ends, you will be connected with the winning dealership to arrange a time to drop off your car and pick up your check (some dealers will even come to you – groovy!). Not ready to sell just yet? Head here to get your GroovyCar Quick Estimate, to get a better idea of how much money you can get in a live auction.

For Dealers: To join GroovyCar, you’ll need to reach out to our team. Once you’re pre-approved and welcomed to the platform, you’ll be all set to bid on our continuous feed of auctions posted daily by local car owners. When you win an auction, you’ll be connected directly to your seller to arrange a time for the car to be dropped off at your dealership (bonus points if you offer to pick it up!). All paperwork and official transfer of title and loans will be handled during this in-person transaction.You’ll just need to have a business check on hand for the seller!

It might seem like magic, but your GroovyCar Quick Estimate and Target Price are actually calculated with a proprietary algorithm that analyzes transactional databases to understand what similar cars are receiving at consumer-to-dealer trade-in, and what dealers are paying at wholesale auctions.Then, all that fancy data is used to estimate what interested dealers would be willing to pay for your car. The only difference between the two is that the Target Price is more accurate, because you provide us with more information to generate it. You may get your Estimate Price here (no account necessary!), or you can create an account by clicking “Get Started” in the menu bar and go through the steps of listing your car to get your Target Price.

We analyzed about 40,000 wholesale transactions (dealer-to-dealer auto auction transactions) and a monetary increase of 20% (or $4,000) represented the difference between the trade-in values for those vehicles and the actual value achieved inside of an auto auction. This is how we arrived at our statement “GroovyCar helps you sell your vehicle for an average of 20% more than trade-in.That could mean four grand more in your pocket.”

Just like a standard trade-in, GroovyCar transactions are quick and you’re selling to local car dealers (with a business check as payment). But, in a standard trade-in, the dealer you’re selling to might not actually need your car on their lot –– meaning they turn around and sell your car to a wholesaler, who then sells your car to another used dealer in an auction. All of those middlemen take your car through a series of markups, which lowers the price you can get from the sale. The GroovyCar way is almost like a shortcut, connecting you directly with local used car dealers that want your car for their lot. Here, we leave middlemen in the rearview mirror to get you more money, straightaway.

GroovyCar is a transaction between an individual car owner and a local used car dealer, whereas a private sale is a transaction between two individuals. GroovyCar eliminates the headaches of a typical private sale (think: long, drawn-out sales process, flaky buyers, handing your keys over to total strangers for test drives, stressful price haggling), and gets you more money than the other traditional option, trade-in

Did you know? If you have a loan on your car, you actually can’t sell it privately –– you can only sell to a dealership. Just one more reason to go with GroovyCar.

How it works

Sign up on our Apple/Android app or directly on desktop HERE to get started selling!

Answer a few questions about your car’s history and snap some photos to have local dealerships begin bidding for it in about 24 hours of listing.

Get a competitive cash offer for your vehicle in about 24 hours, risk and hassle-free.

Schedule a time to bring your car to the winning dealership and receive payment on the spot! (Some dealers may even come to you!)

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Why GroovyCar is Better

Why choose between getting the highest price for your car, a fast sale, and a secure transaction? GroovyCar gets you all three.

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Where to find your VIN

(Vehicle Identification Number)
Find Your VIN
Your VIN is 17 digits long. It can be found on the drivers side dashboard, drivers side door jam, and on your insurance card.