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Behind every dashboard, behind every seat belt, behind the top down, cruise control, hair in the wind, hand on the wheel, is a story of personal connection with your car. Maybe it’s the first car you’ve owned, or the car that got you to your new city. Maybe it’s the countless commutes, the endless podcasts, a stare in the backseat at a stop light to see your kids asleep. Your car is more than just a point a to point b. It’s your experiences, your memories, your life on wheels.

And we get that, because we too have been there. We know that selling your car is more than just a transaction. Sure, money is exchanged and papers are signed. But when you hand over the keys to this ‘thing’ that has been with you every step of the way…well, it’s a milestone that you deserve to be in control of.

We want GroovyCar to be a space where bidding your car goodbye is quick, safe and for the best price available. But we also want it to be a space where the human-side of car-selling isn’t a blind spot. A place where your time is valued and you don’t have to spend hours at a dealership or haggling strangers just to walk away with a low ball offer. Where both sellers and dealers feel empowered knowing they got the best deal available with more time in their day and more money in their pocket. With GroovyCar, everybody wins.

To the cars and the people who’ve loved them, this beep is for you!

– The GC team

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