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Stop Spinning Your Wheels

We’re helping dealers (like you!) purchase inventory at competitive prices with fewer costs and fees by giving you access to buy cars directly from local car owners.

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Switch Gears on Buying as Usual

Buy used vehicles directly on GroovyCar from local car owners and avoid the common pitfalls of wholesale auctions.

Better Margins

Lower fees & shipping costs, less arbitration and no hidden clauses commonly found within dealer auctions.

More Inventory

Bid on a continuous feed of new auctions posted daily by local car owners.

Less Time

Get new inventory on your lot in as quickly as 24 hours after winning an auction.

More Visibility

Direct access to sellers (and potential future buyers!) in your community through our platform.

How It Works

Contact us and we will help you get registered on our platform as a trusted GroovyCar dealer.

Now the fun begins! Once you’re on the platform, bid on cars at a lower cost than traditional auctions.

Communicate directly with the seller post-auction for a local and fast pickup at a location that works for both of you.

Why GroovyCar is Better

Join the fast lane of car sales. We’re partnering with local car dealerships to get you more inventory at better margins in less time than the traditional wholesale auction model.

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