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GroovyCar is an online, auction-style platform where you can sell your car quickly, easily, and safely to local dealers for an average of 20% more than trade-in value. We’re changing the way used cars are bought and sold to make the journey better for everyone.

For Sellers: Don’t worry, it’s easy! To get started, all you need to do is create an account on the GroovyCar app (recommended!) or website. Then, you’ll be able to go straight to listing your car, which should take 10 minutes or less. You’ll answer basic questions about your vehicle, assess its condition, and snap some quick pics (yes, your phone works fine). Then, your car can be listed “for sale” in a GroovyCar auction as soon as the next business day. Local dealerships will then begin bidding to win your car. All auctions run from 9AM-5PM EST Monday-Friday. After your auction ends, you will be connected with the winning dealership to arrange a time to drop off your car and pick up your check (some dealers will even come to you – groovy!). Not ready to sell just yet? Head here to get your GroovyCar Quick Estimate, which will give you a better idea of how much money you can get in a live auction.

For Dealers: To join GroovyCar, you’ll need to reach out to our team. Once you’re pre-approved and welcomed to the platform, you’ll be all set to bid on our continuous feed of auctions posted daily by local car owners. When you win an auction, you’ll be connected directly to your seller to arrange a time for the car to be dropped off at your dealership (bonus points if you offer to pick it up!). All paperwork and official transfer of title and loans will be handled during this in-person transaction.You’ll just need to have a business check on hand for the seller!


We analyzed about 40,000 wholesale transactions (dealer-to-dealer auto auction transactions) and a monetary increase of 20% (or $4,000) represented the difference between the trade-in values for those vehicles and the actual value achieved inside of an auto auction. This is how we arrived at our statement “GroovyCar helps you sell your vehicle for an average of 20% more than trade-in.That could mean four grand more in your pocket.”

Just like a standard trade-in, GroovyCar transactions are quick and you’re selling to local car dealers (with a business check as payment). But, in a standard trade-in, the dealer you’re selling to might not actually need your car on their lot –– meaning they turn around and sell your car to a wholesaler, who then sells your car to another used dealer in an auction. All of those middlemen take your car through a series of markups, which lowers the price you can get from the sale. The GroovyCar way is almost like a shortcut, connecting you directly with local used car dealers that want your car for their lot. Here, we leave middlemen in the rearview mirror to get you more money, straightaway.

GroovyCar is a transaction between an individual car owner and a local used car dealer, whereas a private sale is a transaction between two individuals. GroovyCar eliminates the headaches of a typical private sale (think: long, drawn-out sales process, flaky buyers, handing your keys over to total strangers for test drives, stressful price haggling), and gets you more money than the other traditional option, trade-in

Did you know? If you have a loan on your car, you actually can’t sell it privately –– you can only sell to a dealership. Just one more reason to go with GroovyCar. 

We don’t give your personal information out willy-nilly. We only share your name, email, and phone number with your winning dealer, once they’ve won your car auction. This is so your dealer can contact you to arrange the exchange of the car, make proper payment, and keep the transaction moving, full-speed ahead.

Please note, your car’s information will be shared with all dealers on the platform as part of your auction listing.

If there is a loan on your car, you will need to call your bank to get a 10-day payoff. You will also need to have your account number and bank name handy when you do the in-person paperwork with the dealer. If you do not have this information when you come to the dealership to close the sale, the dealer can also access that information with your social security number, driver’s license, and bank name. You will then sign a payoff authorization form to transfer the loan to the dealer.

It might seem like magic, but your GroovyCar Target Price is actually calculated with a proprietary algorithm that analyzes transactional databases to understand what similar cars are receiving at consumer-to-dealer trade-in, and what dealers are paying at wholesale auctions.Then, all that fancy data is used to estimate what interested dealers would be willing to pay for your car.

Shoot, we can’t guarantee you’ll sell your car in 24 hours. But that is the average amount of time it takes GroovyCar users to go from creating a listing to closing their auction. All GroovyCar auctions are 8 hours long, running from 9AM – 5PM EST, Monday – Friday. Once you create a listing, your auction will start the next business day. That means your ETA to car sold depends on when, exactly, you start your selling journey!

It’s our goal to make sure your car gets competitive bids that meet or exceed the reserve price you have set. If that doesn’t happen –– or you don’t get any bids (highly unlikely) –– you are welcome to relist your car two more times in the same 7-day window.

You can list your car three times in a seven day window, and ten times total.

Congrats! The winning dealer will be in touch with you within 48 hours to arrange a time for car dropoff or pick up (if they offer it!). You will need to have your documents ready when you meet with the dealer (driver’s license, registration, and title). At the end of the in-person transaction, you’ll hand over the keys and walk away with a check.

You can expect the car handoff to take approximately 15 minutes, sometimes less!

You will need to bring your driver’s license, registration, and title if you have it. If you don’t have your title, then you will need a copy of your last statement and a 10-day payoff from the bank if there’s a loan on your car.

If for some reason, you’re unable to obtain this information prior to meeting with the dealer, the dealer will be able to look it up with your social security number, driver’s license number, and bank name.

You should expect to:

  • Sign a bill of sale and odometer statement
  • Sign the title over to the buyer or a power of attorney
  • Sign a payoff authorization form if there is a lien
  • Receive a check if the purchase price is higher than the amount owed on the car

If upon in-person inspection of your car, the dealership determines that it was majorly misrepresented in the auction, they will have the ability to rescind or change their offer. However, dealerships are strongly advised to honor their auction bids, and dealerships that repeatedly take this action for non-valid reasons will be removed from the GroovyCar platform. To help your sale go off without a hitch, it’s important to be as honest as possible in your car listing. Any sellers who repeatedly misrepresent their vehicle will be barred from selling on GroovyCar.

Yes, we need you there! All parties involved in the auction should be present for the in-person transaction.

GroovyCar auctions start at 9AM EST and end at 5PM EST daily, Monday-Friday. Auctions don’t currently take place on Saturday or Sunday.

Your price will change over time as your car ages, mileage increases, or damage occurs. However, GroovyCar will still get you an average of 20% more than trade-in, even as your car depreciates over time.

The GroovyCar Target Price is just an estimate, meant to help you understand what we think dealers will be willing to pay for your car. It’s not an offer to buy your car or a guarantee that your car will receive that price in an auction. Often, the winning bid will be higher than the GroovyCar Target Price.

You will receive a business check from the dealer during the in-person part of your transaction. If you have a loan on your car, the dealer will pay the bank directly. If the loan is less than the sale price, the difference will be paid directly to you.

Your car must have less than 200,000 miles and be from 2000 or after. If the miles exceed 200k or the car is older than 2000, send us a note at and we can look into making an exception. Exceptions are most often made for classic or luxury cars.

No, only dealerships registered with GroovyCar have access to view the auctions and bid on them. Every dealership on our platform has been pre-approved by us, leading you to the best selling experience possible.

No, there’s nothing that legally binds you to sell your car to the dealer with the highest bid, should you choose not to. However, it’s strongly recommended that you take your GroovyCar auction seriously, and only list your car if you truly intend to sell it.

Yes! All sellers will be asked to set a Reserve Price. The Reserve Price is the lowest offer you are willing to accept for your car. Your Reserve Price may not be set higher than your GroovyCar Target Price.

After the auction ends at 5PM, the highest bidding dealer has the chance to bid the reserve price you set. If the dealer does not bid your reserve price, starting at 7PM you have a 24 hour period to counter-offer with the dealer, if you’re not happy with the highest bid.

The Buy It Now feature give dealers the chance to buy your car before the auction begins. If you have a hot car, dealers might be willing to pay more for your car to get it now.


Contact us and we’ll be in touch to get you set up as a GroovyCar dealer.

Our dealer prices will be shared with you when you speak with a GroovyCar team member to learn more about joining.

We vet all dealers as part of the membership process. We’re currently only accepting dealerships located in the greater Philadelphia area, but we’ll be driving into new cities soon. Please contact us to learn more about joining!

COVID-19 Updates

Yes! The GroovyCar online platform is always open, and dealerships in the greater Philadelphia area are also operational for sales (meaning you can physically do business on premise). Should COVID-19 impact your winning dealership’s ability to stay open, we will contact you immediately.

The health of our community is the highest priority during this time of uncertainty. All GroovyCar dealers are taking extra precautions based on the guidance of the CDC  while also implementing social distancing best practices in all customer interactions. We also offer a contactless transaction option that you may choose to proceed with after your auction ends.

Let your dealer know you would like to proceed with the Contactless Transaction when they contact you

    1. Email your license and copy of your title or you payoff info to the dealer 
    2. Review the bill of sale and other forms the dealer sent back.
    3. Sign and Scan or docusign the selling documents back to the dealer. 
    4. Arrange to drop your car off with the title and or power of attorney and collect your check.
    5. The dealer will take care of your payoff and rerun your plates to the dmv for you. 
    6. Cancel your insurance and deposit your check!


We now have a contactless transaction option that you may opt to proceed with after your auction ends. Please let the winning dealer know this is how you would like to proceed when they contact you to arrange for delivery or pickup.

Yes, please let the winning dealer know if there is anything that prevents you from attending the delivery or pickup of your vehicle and they will be happy to accommodate a date in the future.

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