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Dealers: Tips for Buying Cars

Tips for GroovyCar Dealers

This isn’t your first car buying rodeo –– or should we say auction? But if you’re new to GroovyCar, it can be helpful to take stock of how to keep your buying journey as smooth as possible. By connecting you directly with local car owners, GroovyCar gives you a new and improved way to stock your lot with used cars –– all for less hassle and money. 

Here are some of our tips for making the most out of your buying experience: 

Go mobile

GroovyCar works on your desktop or mobile phone, but we recommend you download our app for the best possible buying experience. Having our app with you wherever you go helps you stay engaged with auctions and ensure that you don’t let a good car pass you by. In our app, you’ll be able to monitor auctions, submit bids, and message sellers no matter where you are. 

Stay ahead of the auctions

GroovyCar auctions run from 9AM-5PM, Monday through Friday. Start your morning by checking what’s for sale and then keep track of your favorites throughout the day to stay worry free about missing out. Plus, don’t forget to clue us in to what you’re looking for using your Watch List. That will ensure you get notifications when an auction starts for a car that matches your preferences.  

Keep sellers happy 

Today’s seller could be tomorrow’s buyer. Connecting on GroovyCar is a great opportunity to find future customers –– that’s why it’s important to give sellers the best possible experience by: 

  • Reaching out to them 24-48 hours after you’ve won the auction to coordinate car drop off or pick up. 
  • If you can, offer to pick up the car from your buyer! It’s more convenient and less stressful on their end. 
  • Gauge their interest in buying a new car, and offer a discount when they’re ready! 
  • Always honor the auction price.

You’ve got everything you need to get going –– and these tips and tricks should help you along your buying journey. But as always, if you get stuck or hit a speed bump, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at

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We recommend downloading the GroovyCar app for the best experience

Apps not your thing? You can also sell your car from the website.