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Sellers: Tips for Selling Your Car

Tips for GroovyCar Sellers

So, you’re looking to sell your car. The whole point of GroovyCar is to make your car selling experience a whole lot smoother. But, we get it –– this is a new process for you, and you might feel better with some direction. Since we know the platform inside and out, we wanted to offer our top tips for making the most out of your GroovyCar experience. 

Download the app

GroovyCar works on your phone or desktop, but to get the best GroovyCar experience, we recommend downloading our app. Having GroovyCar handy on your phone allows you to be more engaged and aware throughout the entire car selling process. Through our app, you can choose to receive important notifications about your auction, keeping you up to speed with your latest bids, dealer messages, transaction arrangements, and more. 

Don’t pump the brakes on sharing 

The more accurate information you’re able to share about your car, the more likely you are to find genuinely interested buyers. So, complete your listing and answer all questions to the best of your knowledge. Also, ensure your listing photos are as clear and true-to-form as possible so that dealers know exactly what they’re buying and there are less surprises along the way. 

List your car early in the week 

To speed your sales process up, list your car as early in the week as possible (ideally Monday or Tuesday). While GroovyCar dealers are actively browsing auctions all week long, once you create your listing, your auction won’t start until the next business day. The earlier in the week you list, the better chance you have of selling your car and completing your transaction, all in a week’s time. Your car could even be sold in < 24 hours! 

Ask about pick up

Not every dealer offers pick up –– but it’s always worth asking. Pick up can be more convenient so be sure to double check before you schedule a dropoff! 

Consider going contactless

Did you know in light of COVID-19, we offer contactless transaction options? Tell your dealer if you’re interested. 

You’ve got everything you need to get going –– and these tips and tricks should help you along your selling journey. But as always, if you get stuck or hit a speed bump, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at

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We recommend downloading the GroovyCar app for the best experience

Apps not your thing? You can also sell your car from the website.